TwoStep Fuel Line 2x2 - Flathead Ford & remote pump
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Varenummer: 9141-RP Vekt: 0.5
Fits all intake manifolds with 4-3/4in carb centers
Unique Stromberg fitting takes Ford fuel line or 9080K Superseat hose end (available separately)
Fits Offenhauser 1090 & 1075 2x2 Regular intakes
Fits Edelbrock 1103 2x2 Slingshot intake
Fits Navarro 2x2 Regular intake
Fits Eddie Meyer and Thickstun PM-7 2x2 High-rise intake intakes
Accurate CNC-bent 1/4inch OD lines with furnace brazed joints for OE looks and quality
All stainless steel construction with unique tapered T-piece
Use with Stromberg TwoStep 9241S or 9241P 2x2 linkage
Works with Holley/Edelbrock 94 style carburetors too

Stainless steel fuel line for Stromberg 97 and Holley/Edelbrock 94 carbs on a wide of intakes with 4-3/4in carb spacing - Offenhauser 1090 & 1075, Edelbrock 1103 Slingshot, Navarro Regular & Eddie Meyer and Thickstun PM-7 High-rise.

Designed and manufactured exclusively by Stromberg Carburetor, TwoStep Fuel Lines combine super-clean hot rod styling with simple installation. Each kit is supplied ready to install in just two simple steps.

TwoStep kits are not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. They're CAD engineered to fit Stromberg 97, 81 or 48 carburetors on specific intake manifolds, so please check you're ordering the right kit. Carburetor spacing differs between intake makes and models.

Check out the following features:
1/4inch OD lines, CAD-designed and CNC-bent for an exact fit.

Invisible furnace brazed joints for OE looks and fuel-tight quality.

All stainless steel construction.

Unique Stromberg fitting takes Ford fuel line or 9080K Superseat hose end (available separately).

Brass Ford Nut fittings are supplied.
Every Stromberg TwoStep Fuel Line kit comes with full instructions, and further help with selection, installation and tuning is available at our Tech Center.

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